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Physical and Online Form Information   


   All athletes must have a physical on file with the trainers, as well as all online Rank One forms filled out, in order to tryout or participate. Links for both items are below. Each student will receive at least three days of tryouts. If students do not have their physical and online forms done in a reasonable amount of time, or have not started their tryout for whatever reason (excluding injury) by the end of the second school week, they will be removed from the class period. We cannot keep kids in the class period past then because it will not allow them to switch classes to another elective.

   If you need a physical, most minor emergency rooms, HEB Minute Clinic, and places like that will do them. Have the doctor fill out or use the form from the link below, and turn in physical form directly to the trainers.

Rank One Online Forms 

Physical Form

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